Core Nine 9910-SL Massage Chair Features

9910-SL Brown

Zero Gravity Position

Stretching Function

 •  SL back track that follows the natural curve and contours of the neck, spine and buttocks to alleviate lower back and gluteus muscle pain, sciatica and stiff, sore legs. 


•  Auto scan sensor that measures shape and size for a customized massage

•  3D deep tissue massage technology that replicates a professional massage with a wide range of motion, speed and intensity

•  Foot and calf air massage with three rows of reflexology rollers that massage the calves and soles of feet. Auto scan sensor to customize foot and calf massage


•  Carbon fiber infrared heat therapy for the back, buttocks, legs, and feet


•  Zero Gravity position that minimizes back pressure, releases back tension and improves breathing and circulation


• Rocking motion to rhythmically reprogram the body for deep relaxation and a better night’s sleep


•  Patented U-shaped head pillow that massages the head and temples to relieve stress, headache tension, sinus pressure, and fatigue


•  Acupressure air massage with 114 air bag cells that target key acupressure points throughout the body 

•  Stretching function that features a gradual extend and twist function to improve flexibility and posture by lengthening the spine and loosening the hips and shoulders


•  Multiple pre-programmed massage options and targeted spot massages including deep tissue Shiatsu, kneading, rolling, tapping, and knocking massage techniques


•  Space saver recline feature that requires only 4 inches of space between the back of the chair and a wall to fully recline

•  Bluetooth, speakers and smart phone remote App


2 year parts / 2 year in-home service warranty 

Five year extended warranty option

Price: $6,000